Gianluigi Bonanomi is a professional journalist, author, blogger, consultant, teacher and entrepreneur. After completing a thesis on online relations, he graduated in Political Science and has been working in the informatics publishing field since 2001. Editor of the magazine «Computer Idea» for more than ten years now, he also collaborates with a number of newspapers and websites, mostly (but not only) specialized in the hi-tech sector. At times, you can spot him on TV or hear him on podcasts, where he talks about technology. His many essays and textbooks have been featured in various publications (one of them, Dislike, in English!). He is the director of the digital series «Fai da tech» (Ledizioni) and, so far, he has written many books about Internet, social media, Google, ‘lusers’, free eBooks. When not writing, he is a husband and a father.